What Will Happen?


Upon the passing of your pet, call Pets Are Family, Too Cremation Service, 1-800-452-1957. The most immediate concern will be arranging the transportation of your pet to one of our 10 locations. Your personal transportation of your pet enables you to say a final good-bye and you will not be charged a transportation fee. If you prefer, we can transport your pet from your residence or a veterinary clinic for a nominal fee (explained further in our price list).

If we are transporting your pet from the veterinary clinic, we will coordinate the best time to receive your pet and bring into our care.


Once your pet is in our care, you will have the opportunity to select a container or urn to further memorialize your beloved pet. Our staff is also available to answer any questions you might have about the options available for your pets remains (scattering or permanent urns, mixing with planting soil, solidify cremated remains, taking paw prints or fur clipping etc.)

We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Your pet will be transferred from the veterinary clinic or one of our offices to our crematory in Romeoville. Pets are family, too performs only individual cremation. Once cremation is complete, we will place your pet's cremated remains into the urn you select or provide.

Return of Cremated Remains

You have the option of receiving your pet's cremated remains at one of our 10 locations in the metropolitan area, or they can be delivered directly to you for a nominal fee (explained further in our price list).

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