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The term, "Man's best friend" brings to mind the companionship, joy and unconditional love that a long time pet brings to your family. For most of us, a pet is truly a member of the family.

The death of your pet can be a traumatic experience and of course, it is only natural to be saddened and grieve over the loss of your pet. When your pet dies, you and your family should accept the need to grieve and to remember the unique relationship that each of you had with your pet over the years. Today, it is common to design a ritual that pays tribute to a pet that was loved by family members, allowing the family to create a focus for shared memories. To ensure proper care and tribute, trust Pets Are Family, Too to cremate and preserve the pet's remains in a special Pet Urn.

Many pet owners express concern about the disposition of their pet's remains and often leave the decision up to their veterinarian. However, the choice to cremate your pet can be a wise and correct decision when handled through a professional service like Pets Are Family, Too provides.