Pet Obituaries


I had to send "Beaver" Carly Dog to Heaven on 6/28/11, where she can do some of her favorite things for an Eternity!
Ten years ago, after watching a TV show for pet adoptions, I went to the ASPCA website and found Carly was up for adoption outside a grocery store in Florida. I chose Carly because she jumped right into my lap and fell asleep. From that day forward she followed her dad everywhere!
Carly loved to travel under the seat on an airplane and we walked around Miami Beach, LA, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, attended Uncle Robert's 40th birthday in NYC, volunteered in Carmel for the Doris Day Animal Foundation and recently ran on the beaches in Puerto Rico.
She made many Amazing friends! Her special friends included, Papi, Bastard the Cat, Paris, Gabriella, and Savannah. She also had numerous Cat, Dog, Rabbit and Squirrel buddy’s around town! Carly truly loved everyone around her!
Her appreciation for nature and people was amazingly profound. One day two squirrels were chasing each other around a tree and ran right over to Carly to say hello…then continued on their way to another tree. Carly just sat there and looked up at me as if to say…”wasn’t that cute?”
Carly had many nicknames, Mouse, Dig, Beaver, Rabbit, Squirrel and Little Dog just to name a few.
One of her favorite things was to walk next door to the fire station to say hello to the firemen and they would always give her a milk bone. However the funniest thing would happen… when she got home she would hide her treat behind the TV cabinet and never eat it.
Thanks to all who ever Loved her! My life for the past 10 plus years was so much better largely due to Carly Dog!
I will miss her profoundly. In one word..........she was "SWEET!"
Eric a.ka. Dad

Akasha Gray

Akasha Gray, 11, passed away in the loving company of her mother and grandmother on January 1, 2009 after a long battle with kidney disease and feline breast cancer. Beloved daughter of Laura Anne Gray and Matthew Hughes, patient (and loving) sister of Charlotte Sometimes, adoring granddaughter of Laura Stokes-Gray, and cherished niece of Paroma Banerjee and Mike Bibby.

At a little over a year of age, “Kashie” was found under a parked car, skinny, hungry, yet not the least bit scared. She found comfort in the arms and home of her adoptive mother and quickly declared herself The Anointed Queen of Basically Everything. With intense emerald eyes, wry smile and a flirtatious sashay, she dominated every room she entered.

An accomplished ballerina, naptime enthusiast, and staring-contest champion, “Czarina” Akasha was also a discerning gourmand who delighted in lobster bisque, purloined turkey sandwiches, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, and imported French butter. She loved watching The X-Files and Project Runway.

Always brave through moving adventures, uncomfortable surgeries and yucky medicines, Akasha showed us all the meaning of dignity and grace.

Her toes were adorable.

Donations in Akasha’s name are gratefully accepted by,, and your local SPCA.